• Compatible with all 5000-series rev. 3 flowmeters
  • Connects to meters via our 5200-CC
  • Ability to read and set the following parameters:
    • mA scaling
    • Pulse output
    • Inside diameter
    • Application pressure
    • Threshold output
    • Filter factor
    • Reference temperature

Latest Version – 3.9.5


The CDIMS software provides a simple way to view and set parameters on all CDI 5000-series Rev. 3 flowmeters.  Particularly useful for adjusting inside diameters to accommodate pipe schedules (sch. 10, 40, 80) and copper types (type M, L, K),  CDIMS helps ensure that the meter being installed is correctly programmed for its application.


To install the CDIMS software, click the “CDIMS Download” button above.  This will initiate the download of CDIMSInstall.exe – run this program to complete the installation of this software.

After the download is complete, and while the computer has an internet connection, plug the 5200-CC Configuration Cable into the USB port.  An automatic download of the necessary USB driver will take place that will allow the software to connect to the flowmeter.  If your computer does not allow the automatic download, Click here to manually download the driver.


      • If you have a CDIMS version earlier than 2.4, please uninstall it first.
      • A new installation will overwrite the following system default maps below. If you have edited any of these, save with a new name before installing:
          • CDIMAP0.Map
          • CDIMAP5.Map
          • CDIMAP127.Map
Using the Software

To use:

    1. Plug the 5200-CC Configuration Cable into the computer and the unpowered meter, ensuring the meter connection is oriented correctly
    2. Open up CDIMS (this has to be done after the cable is connected), and click “Connect”
    3. Adjust the parameters
    4. Select Meter (connected)>Write Parameters
    5. Remove cable once CDIMS confirms the changes were made successfully
Additional Resources

Read Me – View changes and fixes to the current and previous versions of the software